Donda Zimmer


My name is Donda Zimmer and this is my story. I am a military wife and the proud mother of three beautiful children. In 1997, I gave birth to my first child and nearly passed away due to complications with the birth and congestive heart failure. After the birth, my exercise regimen was very limited and as a result I continued to gain weight throughout the years. During my second and third pregnancy, I had to wear a heart monitor and suffered many setbacks over this time. It was after giving birth to my third child that my fitness journey really took off! 

In 2003, my husband was selected for an unaccompanied year long deployment. I had just given birth to my third child and gained more than 30 pounds and knew it was time to make a change. I began running and altering my eating habits. Within the first two months I had lost the 30 pounds and started packing on the muscle. This was the start of my profession and my ministry.

After my husband returned from his tour in Korea, we were re-assigned to Anchorage, Alaska. This is where I decided to enter my first Fitness and Figure competition. I placed third in my division and developed the discipline, motivation, and dedication to compete and live a healthy lifestyle. Every day I trained harder and harder. I was determined to become bigger and better. Two years later we received a new assignment to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I spent my time here taking advantage of the high altitude improving my overall cardiovascular endurance while increasing my muscle mass. Two short years later, we had an assignment to San Antonio and this is where I encountered life. I received news that I would have to undergo multiple life changing surgeries, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and witnessed my mother lose a long battle with cancer.

During this difficult time of recovery and great loss, the Lord spoke to me and equipped my heart to go and serve others by helping them change their lifestyle and educating them on healthy living and that’s exactly what I did! I have now completed the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification, Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification, and Weight Loss Specialist Certification. I own my own business and recently jumped back into the world of competition. Last November, I competed after undergoing going two foot surgeries in the “Lackland Classic” and placed second in the Women’s Physique division.

This is my testimony! Training Champions for Christ!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13