Nick Brandt

My name is Nick Brandt, and I am a personal trainer/coach at Octane Athletic Performance. My whole life since I was a kid has revolved around health, working out, and sport performance.

I grew up with a personal trainer(my dad) and trained for sports specifically when I was younger. Now that I do not play sports I have devoted my time to stay in the top physical shape at all times. I coach clients for weight loss, strength and muscle mass, power, and sport specific training as well.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a focus on exercise science from the University of Texas at San Antonio(UTSA), and I am certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA). As of right now, I am currently studying for my nutrition certification as well. I believe proper nutrition is critical to results regardless of your goal, so I have always spent a lot of time implementing nutrition as a staple in any fitness program.

I chose lifestyle and career path because I love working out, but more importantly I want to share my knowledge with others to help and coach them into overall better health and overall better quality of life.

Nick Brandt