ATHLETE’S FOOD™ contains complete spectrum whey protein hydrolysate, cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate, and partially filtered whey protein concentrate. These elite protein sources supply the single highest concentration of di-, tri-, and oligo-whey peptides and other whey fractions with unique anabolic properties. Whey also happens to be the most Biologically Valuable (BV) protein source available and contains the most complete amino acid profile, so you can optimize your muscle growth. This supercharged matrix is also loaded with sustained-release waxy maize super- carbs for extended muscular endurance and glycogen support.

Without the critical micronutrients found in various greens, your progress will suffer. While greens supplements are a convenient source for these vitamins and minerals, many low-quality greens powders taste like grass from your lawn! Unlike these products, ATHLETE’S FOOD,™ is engineered using high-tech freeze-drying methods, which locks in the nutrition of the myriad of land and sea vegetables, berries, and functional herbals, while maintaining a neutral flavor.

Supplement Facts

Athlete Food

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